We are so proud to call Phyllis Siskel family here at Ashton Animal Clinic!! She was awarded the 2015 National Philanthropy Day High Impact Award at Michael’s on East November 10, 2015. Phyllis is truly the most selfless person we have ever met, always giving to help the greater good with her many volunteer organizations and being the sole underwriting donor for Buddy’s Feral Cat Day. Congratulations to a very well deserving, amazing woman!

Dr. Laurie Walmsley is passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of animals and their owners. She is a warrior for the forgotten, homeless and abused animals in our community. Tirelessly, she gives back and nurtures all animals that cross her path. Dr. Walmsley focuses on the following animal care organizations along with these Professional Community Service Donations:

  • Shelter Veterinarian – Sarasota County Animal Services 2003-present
  • Kennel Management
  • Animal Cruelty Cases
  • Takes in all injured animals picked up by Animal Services
  • Sponsor of Buddy’s Feral Cat Program 2003-present
  • Animal Rescue Coalition Feral Cat Program Medical Director 2003-2011
  • Team Veterinarian – Sarasota County K9 Search and Rescue 2005-present
  • Donates veterinary services to South Eastern Guide Dogs – Platinum Partner 2005-present
  • Animal Rescue Coalition Medical Director 2006-2011
  • Animal Rescue Coalition Board of Directors 2002-2011

Buddy’s Feral Cat Program

Buddy’s feral cat program is the most humane way to keep the feral/free-roaming cat population in our communities under control. It is St. Francis’ humane solution to an inhumane problem. This program is a free service to the community and follows the national model of trap-spay/neuter-release. To-date nearly 3,500 feral cats have been altered through Buddy’s feral cat program. The conservative estimate of feral cats in our community is 60,000. An unaltered female cat and her offspring can potentially produce as many as 420,000 kittens in seven years.

If you would like to volunteer or have any questions regarding feral cat colonies, please call (941) 342- 1575.

Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue

In 1994, Patricia Abrams and her husband, Joe, founded a search team called Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team, Inc.

Since 2006 Dr. Laurie has been the team veterinarian on deployment for the Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue Team. Dr. Laurie operates on an on call basis, donating the emergency veterinary services for the search dogs if injured. These highly trained dogs protect each and every member of the state of Florida. Dr. Walmsley post injury has treated and saved these service animals lives. She is committed to their missions and the safety and well being of the K9’s who work for the praise, love, and emotional support of their handlers.

The Sarasota K-9 Search and Rescue is a nationally recognized group of highly trained volunteers with their K-9 companions that assist in the location of missing persons. Each member of the team as volunteers maintains an integrity and commitment to our fellow mankind. Their goals are to be organized in their training, skills, and to form a strong bond of teamwork to bring about the safest and most positive outcome on each search mission.

Sarasota County Emergency Management, the State of Florida, the Division of Forestry, the Florida Fire Chiefs Association Disaster Response, and FEMA recognize them. Their services may only be formally requested through Sarasota County Emergency Management or the Division of Forestry. In 2003, they received the distinguished FLA Governor’s First Responder Award. On average annually they donate more than 10,000 man/K9 hours.

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs provides K-9 freedom and independence to the visually impaired. The dogs are bred, raised and trained at no cost to the blind. Dr. Walmsley and Ashton Animal Clinic is a platinum veterinary partner providing 100% donations of routine and non-routine medical services; and provides necessary medical products at cost for all puppies and dogs in training.