Angel Likes Chips
After examining an abandoned kitten, Dr. Laurie Walmsley sent her to an opthamologist specialist who diagnosed her with the Feline Calci Virus and both eyes were ruptured beyond repair. The specialist then recommended euthanasia. Noticing the spirit and heart this kitten possessed, Dr. Walmsley took the kitten back to Ashton Animal Clinic. While there, the doctor removed both of the kittens eyes, luckily they were the only part of the body affected by the deadly virus. Dr. Walmsley’s nephew, a wonderful autistic four year old, says to his mother, “I want that kitten.” When asked why, he simply replied, “I want to do something good.”

After naming the kitten Angel, they took her home to Massachusettes. 4 years later, she has learned every nook and cranny in that house and will run down 3 flights of steps to use the robot litter pan (she hates the regular litter box). They have caught her stealing crumbs out of chip bags and she has no problem holding a glass herself to get the last few drops of coca-cola.

So, when you are told there is no hope, just reply, “I want to do something good.”

Pinky Has A Chance
Pinky came to us in March 2012 as a matted, neglected mess from a hoarding situation. She was one of hundreds of puppy mill dogs. Since kenneled her entire life, all she knew was a cage. Pinky only knew how to run in circles and had no idea what grass was. Our overnight technician, Mr. Jim, took ownership of little Pinky and he has really worked hard teaching her how to be a dog. She now barks at the big dogs and walks on a leash and harness. Pinky even loves car rides! Her hair has grown back the way a maltese should. Her story is one of many hoarding cases and not all of them are given the chance that Pinky has gotten to rehabilitate into a loveable pet. We keep them all in our hearts and prayers everyday.

Dena Thomas – World Traveler!
Dena is one of our lovely regulars at Ashton and here is her amazing story:
I was born a German Girl and was trained from an early age to be a K9 Cop. I was durn good too! Anyway…One day, they x-rayed my hip and saw a shadow! Well…my career was OVER! Yes…just like that! It was over…Seems in Germany they PUT US DOWN if we have any deffect! I can’t imagine!!!! So….my Dad found out about me and asked to have me trained to guide him since he was losing his sight. So I was re-trained and flew to America (the land of oppourtunity) where I am so very happy to be with my Dad and Mom. Dad had me x-rayed here in the States and guess what…I must have moved during the x-ray because I’m FINE! They don’t give us a second chance in Germany. I love my Dad and Mom so much!!! They are a little over the top Petcentric…but we are a happy family and I get to go everywhere! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Dear Do-Gooders,

I adopted 9 year-old Blade, whom I have renamed to IVAN because of his oriental heritage. The first week I had him he refused to eat…tried, kibbles, tuna fish, salmon, chicken, and canned cat food throughout the week with no success. I returned to Ashton Animal Clinic. They discovered three abscessed teeth. They removed the teeth and sent him back to me. He did well for a day and than started refusing to eat again. After taking him back to Ashton Animal Clinic, they with the assistance of Dr. Heidi Ward, established that he has an auto-immune disorder. He has now recovered, and willingly eats Science Diet Active Longevity. Whereas he was almost skin and bones when received, he is now a gorgeous/robust happy camper. Explores all details of my rooms, furniture and villa and talks all the time. He also need to know where I am at all times. He is exceptionally affectionate and playful. He hates when i have to go outdoors and leave him in. He loves sitting on my lap and adores being touched, massaged and pet at all times. At night time he despises when I go to bed and lock him out of my bedroom. I am an extremely satisfied cat father.


Mr. Coates