Ashton Animal Clinic has a generator with the ability to power our entire facility in case of power outages. Our building has hurricane reinforced windows and roof. The full service facility can hold 150 dogs and 90 cats. In an emergency hurricane situation, please have your own crate for your pet in case our kennels are full. Our full staff is stationed on site during hurricane emergencies to provide the best care for all pets sheltered here.

Please see our recommendations for hurricane preparedness below:


Your pet should have a 30 day supply of their food, medications and water from a home source so as not to make your pet’s stomach upset.
They should be crate friendly and be comfortable enough in their kennel to eat and drink. For crate training tips, click here.
If your pets are storm phobic and need sedation medication, keep a 30 day supply on hand.
The kennel that you have for hurricane emergencies should be well ventilated due to the high expectation of a power outage.
Hurricane emergencies are another important reason your pets should have updated yearly vaccines.
Know your flood zones! Know the pet friendly shelters!